HargatePrimary SchoolDeaf Provision and Social Emotional and Mental Health Provision.


Hargate Primary SchoolDeaf Provision and Social Emotional and Mental Health Provision.

Family Support/ Child Wellbeing

Child and Family Support 


Our family support worker can support children and their families with a variety of problems such having parents in hospital, a parent or child with a disability of special educational needs, language barriers which mean they struggle to access local and national services and help with general home management, finance and general parenting skills. 

The Child Wellbeing Team


At Hargate we value our pupils social, emotional and mental well-being and have a highly skilled group of staff who are part of the Child Wellbeing team. The team deliver a range of therapeutic interventions across the school including drawing and talking. We are lucky enough to have a family support worker and therapeutic mentors on board.


The Child Wellbeing team work through a referral system. If a member of staff feels that a child requires additional support regarding their social, emotional or mental health, they can make a referral to the team. The team will then triage the referrals and allocate the best therapeutic support if deemed necessary. One-to-one and group sessions are available depending of the child’s need. A child can also refer themselves if they feel they are struggling with managing their emotions.


Our interventions help tackle stress, anxiety and teaches children how to regulate their emotions. The Child Wellbeing team demonstrate a range of diverse interventions from mindful meditations to boxercise for our pupils at Hargate.